Kamananui Trail (Moanalua Valley)

What do you get when you take 6 kids and 3 adults out the Moanalua Valley for a hike?


Left to right this is Ethan, Arianna, Mason, Trinaty, and Aidan. 

There was one more, Ayla.  The kids were all ready to go this morning.  We had told them we were going to hunt for treasure.  The treasure was to be some geocaches hidden along the way. 

I just found out more about geocaching and I thought it would be a great tool to keep the kids interested in the hike.  So we set out and were using an app on my phone to find the hidden treasure.  We really had no clue what we were doing and we looked high and low for quite a while before I figured out that there was a clue…duh! 

Dana Looks High

The kids were very excited to find the treasure.  We left a few items and took a few.  The next one was close by.  We arrived at a set of jungle ruins and looked all over the place.  At this point my GPS wasn’t working so trying to use it to find the cache was useless. 

The lack of signal became a pattern because I pretty much didn’t have signal through the rest of the hike.  We never did find the other cache that is called “jungle ruins”.  We did, however, continue on the path and found several old bridges that were used by carriages back when there were vacation homes in the area.  As we walked the rain got us wet a couple of times.  We stopped and waited out the rain under a large tree when we could. 

After a couple of hours we made it to a large clearing and stopped for a snack and a rest.  According to Stuart Hall’s “the hiker’s guide to oahu” we made it to about point C or half way.  As much as I would have liked to continue the adults decided it was time to turn back.  We hadn’t tracked our mileage but we figured by the time we got back to the start the kids would be worn out.  And they were. 

The hike back was mostly about getting to the end because most of the kids were pretty darned tired.  All in all everyone had a good time and the lush rainforest is a refreshing change from our daily lives.  I marveled at the palms, hau trees, banyan trees and other plants that we saw along the way.  Much of our path was shaded, which was a plus with all the kids.  The overcast skies made for a comfortable hike.  Corry and I ran across the start of another trail we would like to check out at some point, but I don’t know when that will happen. 

I really enjoyed the lush vegetation, stone bridges, and old ruins the most.  It’s an interesting glimpse into the past.  I think I may have finally found a way to get the kids into doing these hikes with us. 


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