E-beach again

Those of you that are reading thing are probably seeing a trend here.  Electric beach is one of my “go to” spots when I want to dive from shore.  That is until the surf comes down for good in the north.  Then I plan to explore the heck out of that. 

Today the surf report was iffy but we packed up and headed out anyway.  I wanted to drive down and see for myself if I thought I could make an entry.  I had two others with me and we all agreed it looked like a doable entry and that it night clear a little farther out.  And the entry was pretty good.  But the surf is on its way up today.

We made our entry and tied off to the first “pot”.  One of the instructors from the shop jumped in the car with my friend and I so he led us out to the pipe and we poked around a bit.  This time we actually swam in front of the pipe and it was kinda cool to feel the rush of warm water come out of there.  He agreed that the pipe has a lot of great things to see and that it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.  We stayed low and didn’t have any issues.  It’s no more pull that a surge.  I saw the same fish I saw last week that I thought were puffer fish and pointed to my instructor friend “remember this” in underwater signs.  He told me later he thinks it was a large filefish.   I looked it up to confirm that it is not a puffer and is, in fact, a large filefish. 

After the pipe we went out to the 5 fingers.  We had hoped to see the dolphins but that was not to be today.  The visibility was about 40ft at it’s best.  We were able to keep an eye on each other and see some fishies but mostly I took pictures of people today.  We did spot on zebra moray inside a hole but we could see neither the head or the tail to see how big it was.  My guess is that it was pretty large. 

When one of my buddies got cold we turned back.  By the time we got back to the pot to retrieve the flag the vis was zero.  We surfaced and made the rest of the swim on the surface.  Normally I like to go all the way until I can stand under the water since its easier than fighting a surface current but since the vis was zero even looking fora bright yellow tank we didn’t have much choice.  My snorkel is crummy and since I had a half tank I just used my reg until we got close. 

a fallen pillar that lies near the pipe

I made it to where I could stand and got my fins off.  I tried my best to make an exit between sets but I missed the timing.  As soon as I got on my feet I was knocked to my knees.  I got up and recovered once but couldn’t do it a second time.  My friends tried to help me up but it was no use.  My quads just couldn’t lift me and my gear off the beach.  I wound up taking the gear off and my friend carried it up.  I felt like a complete fool.  Maybe it’s just dumb pride but I carried that stuff down I should be able to carry it back up.  The surf just came up while we were out and I got out safe that’s the important thing.  But I couldn’t help feel like a burden on my friends.  The idea is that we all do our part.  I am thankful they were able to help me and that I had the skills to crawl up on the beach and take my gear off.  I know I would have carried my own stuff if I hadn’t been with the one guy, but it’s still a blow to my self-confidence.  I guess I have to just forget it. 

On a completely different note, I got my camera replaced.  It turns out the manufacturer is right here in Honolulu.  I called them and they agree to just replace it since I had only used it twice.  So, thanks to the good people at Intova, I have a second chance at underwater photos.  The vis really wasn’t good enough to take pics of much else but people.


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