Kalauao and a suprise find

Yesterday I was sore as all heck and called off the hike I had planned to Kalauao. But my friend came over and twisted my arm so her and husband and our friend’s 12-year-old set out. We started at Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation area around 1:15pm. Finding the way was easy since I did part of it last weekend.

The climb down is quite steep and I would not recommend it for children. when we turned and looked back we had come down almost a sheer cliff. The footing was better this weekend though since the ground had some time to dry up. However, I’m sure the waterfall was flowing more last weekend. When I turned around and looked back my legs hurt just thinking about going back up.

We had gone 1.7 miles when we stopped for a break. We were almost out of water and weren’t sure how much longer we could continue. My friend’s husband, a true texan if ever there was one, decided to go on ahead and see how much farther it was. In only a few minutes he shouted back “hey it’s just up here”.

Once we reached the falls it was all worth it. We swam in the cool pool and jumped from about 5 feet up into the water. Even Ayla, the 12 year old, jumped. We couldn’t stay too terribly long or we would be racing daylight to get back. The falls is probably about 15 ft high and is well shaded with a cool pool about 11 or 12 feet deep. It’s shallow enough that I touched the bottom when I jumped but not hazardous. The area is shrouded with Banyan trees and reminds me a bit of Kapena Falls without the intense mosquito population. There were mosquitos but at least they weren’t quite so concentrated as Kapena. While we were at the falls Tip came across an old Ammo can and brought it down. Inside we found a geocache. I had heard of geocaching from a friend but I had never found one. It was a cool experience. We left a little note and some trinkets for the next people.


"hey ya'll it's right up here"


Once we had all had a nice cool swim and a decent period of rest we headed back down the stream bed toward home. My friend’s daughter fell and hurt her arm but was ok so we pushed on.

I remember looking up the hill and thinking “oh boy here we go”. We took that hill at a snail’s pace with the 12-year-old complaining the whole way up. We told her there was no other choice than to climb up. But it was ok because by this time my legs were sorer than ever.

Once we made it to the top of the steep section we were ok but it sure as heck was a workout. All in all it was an enjoyable 4 miles on the trail but challenging too. I would rate this one at least intermediate if not advanced but not expert either. There are a lot of strong roots on the path that can be used for both hand and foot holds. Just be prepared to use the full length of your legs and your upper body when needed.

To find this trail go down the Aiea Loop Trail past the first set of power lines and look for an obvious path to your left headed down hill. The first clearing is another set of power lines you cross under and continue until you start to see pink or orange ribbons. You know you’re headed the right direction when you double back and begin a steep descent. Once you reach the stream head upstream about another 0.6mi and you’ll run right into it. Be prepared and bring plenty of water. We had 6.5 liters and it wasn’t enough for 4 people. Next time we’ll double it at least.



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  1. punynari
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 16:23:36

    Sounds like quite the work out but I’m glad you all had fun. (:

    I’ll have to check it out sometime, especially after a rainy period.


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