E-beach and the pipe

Today I dove with a friend who is leaving the island in just a few days.  I only met her recently so I’m sad that she’s leaving when I’ve had so little time to hang out with her.  That always seems to happen.  You meet the coolest people when they are leaving or you are.  I guess that’s the army life for ya. 

Her favorite site is electric beach so that’s where we headed.  We were concerned about the waves being a little high because the surf report said 3-5ft faces.  But, once we had a look for ourselves it was just fine. 

Today was a test run for the new camera and I’m glad I took it.  There were a few kinks to work out before tomorrow’s deep dive.  We swam out to the right and looked at the “caves” which pretty tiny.  Definitely not what I think of when someone says “cave”.  The great thing about this area is that it’s teeming with fish and you can literally kneel in a sandy area and feel like you’re in a fish bowl. 


I was able to get some great shots of some turtles and other fish.  All of a sudden we were out on the reef and I felt dizzy as heck.  So I told my buddy and we surfaced.  About half way to the surface though I felt better.  So when we surfaced I told her I thought my equilibrium was thrown off by taking pictures.  Looking at the screen and then looking at the reef around me got my vision all mixed up.  So I put the camera away and we continued our dive. 

I had told my friend earlier that I had never been out to “the pipe” so she took me there next.  “The pipe” is where warm water is discharged back into the ocean.  There is an electric plant across the street that uses the sea water to cool the plant and then the warm water is discharged out through these giant pipes.  It scared me because I have been told by others how dangerous it can be.  If you are caught in front of the pipe you can be pushed out to sea and it also shoots you to the surface.  Because of the stories I have been afraid to go out there.  I had no idea what I was missing!

Because the water is so warm around the discharge there are hundreds of fish.  We saw huge schools of fish just hanging out.  There were also 2 turtles out there that we watched for a while.  The most unusual thing we saw today was some sort of puffer fish.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture because of my camera malfunction.  We looked it up when we got back to the shop and found that it was some sort of puffer. 

The camera malfunction was with the memory card.  I used an SD card that I use for my other camera.  Apparently, it’s not fast enough to work with the new camera.  So I was only able to take whatever pictures would fit on the internal memory.  The good news is that I straightened this little kink out before we go on our deep dives tomorrow.  I wasn’t disappointed by the shots I took at all.  They came out pretty well. 

Today there was a current running as we made our way back to shore but this is pretty typical of this site.  It was nothing too strong but it was noticeable.  We had to time our entry and exit between sets but there was a good break in which we could enter/exit.  We took the flag with us when we exited the water because we didn’t know if we would do a second tank. 

As it turned out, it was noon and time wouldn’t allow for a second tank today.  I had to pick up the kids at school at 230.  So, we took our time making our way back to the shop and washing our gear.  It was a really relaxed and nice time. 

Dive time today was 68 minutes with a max depth of 38 feet.  But I’m discovering that staying shallow has it’s benefits.  I like to be able to stay down an hour or more.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cravesadventure
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 12:43:09

    Beautiful photos – Happy Saturday!


  2. BCDiver573
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 06:01:43

    I loved diving in Oahu, the blue water blows my mind (compared to the dark emerald green here in BC). I wonder if they still need a DM at Dive Oahu…


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