This morning we headed to Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area for a waterfall hike.  Our group was my friend and myself along with our 3 boys.  Aidan is the oldest at 6 and Mason the youngest at 4.  Ethan is also 4 but about 4 months older than Mason. 

We arived around 11am and set out on the Aiea Loop Trail.  We followed directions that I found on Kaleo Lancaster’s Island Trails blog.  The first part of the hike went really well even with some mudd and all the kids. 

What kind of Tree is that?

We started seeing the pink ribbons that Kaleo mentions in his blog and at one point saw an orange ribbon and kept going thinking that we were looking for pink.  Shortly we ran into a condo complex that we had seen on our drive up the hill to the state park….opps.

It wasn’t too far out of our way and we back tracked to the trail.  We realized that we were suppoed to switchback down that hill and it wasn’t long before we were on a steep path that had some rather large roots for foot holds on the way down.  The two older boys didn’t really really well jumping in and tackling even the slipery areas and making it down.  Mason needed a lot of help and was scared so it look me a while to coax him down the hill. 

Finally we could hear the waterfall when Corry stopped me and said “wait let me check this next part it looks really slipery”.  It turned out to be all rocks that were slick with mudd and she felt that it might be too much for Mason to get down and hard for all of us to get back up.  So, even though it killed me, we turned around and headed back out. 

Although I was disapointed we didn’t get to the falls I had a really nice time and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.  There’s no doubt we all got a good workout too.  Corry and I agree we need to do this more often and I’m satisfied that we got out and explored.  I don’t want to be the mom that lets her kids turn to couch potatoes, so I like doing this stuff with them.  For some reason the 3 boys had a really good time together.  There is something about adding in other kids that makes things better.  They don’t complain as much when other kids are around.  We have plans to return to this trail with only adults soon.

You can find more pics on my facebook page—-> here


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