Dives 19 and 20

Today we lucked out and got completely flat conditions in sharks cove.  That’s pretty rare for the month of march.  So instead of heading to electric beach we stayed close to home at sharks cove.  Sharks cove is part of the Pupukea Marine Life Sanctuary so it’s protected and therefore lots of fish call it home. 

The group today was a total of 6.  My friend Jenna from rescue class, her mom and her friend all went out with one of the instructors from the shop.  The first dive we explored to the left and the second to the right of the cove.  The rock and coral formations in and around sharks cove are so beautiful.  The depth is only about 40ft max but that’s ok with me because that means I can stay down longer!  The path down to the cove can be tricky because it’s down hill and there is a small walk on the rocky beach before reaching the entry point.  But it’s all worth it!  Then again maybe we ought to ask all the tourists that stare at us as we walk by.  They scurry around to get their stuff out of our way but if they didn’t leave it in the main walkway then we wouldn’t get that close to it! 

One of the perks of going out with the shop is that I keep meeting people to dive with!  That’s the idea “go places, see things, meet people” right?  I got a couple of numbers for people to dive with so the more the merrier. 

I found some pretty cool shells on the second dive today which was nice.  On both sides of the cove there are caves and tunnels that you can poke around in which is just awesome.  I love to just be under water and chill out.  On the second dive we went into the “blue room” which is a cave where you swim through a lava tube to get into it.  That was neat.  On the way back we saw a couple of honu but we were in the cove and once the snorkeling tourists spotted them it was all over and they took off.  We didn’t see anything huge today just one eel but that’s ok.  I just love to be under the water. 

I did another experiment with my weights and dropped down to 16 lbs.  Last week I had gone down from 20 to 18 and on the first dive I still felt heavy so I tried it and it worked out great.  So now I don’t have to carry as much weight up and down the hill.   I am convinced that by the time the summer is over I’m going to have a pretty nice butt from going up and down the hill.  I also get a good work out from kicking under water but I usually don’t “feel the burn” since I like to take things slow and easy.  The whole point of going down is to enjoy the view so why rush right? 

I really hope that soon I can get a camera and take pics of some of this stuff.   That won’t happen until I get a job though.  But while I was down today Kapiolani called about a job so I might have one soon if all goes well tomorow.


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  1. Rob
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 10:49:07

    We share the same philosophies my friend. It doesn’t matter what you see, its just great to be underwater.

    Great post



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