Why are my ears funny and my sinuses sore?

Hello fellow bloggers family and friends!  Today I had a nice dive at electric beach with a group of friends new and old.  We did 28ft for 57 minutes.  We saw a bunch of little stuff and few honu along the way. 

I had a new dive buddy today and I found that her and I work well together.  All buddy pairs are different.  Some go by the line of sight rule, others want to stay close to each other.  Some have a leader and some are side by side.  I’m sort of in the middle there somewhere.  I don’t like line of sight because it’s too hard to judge distance under water and you could easily be much farther than you think in good visibility.  I don’t really need to be up my buddy’s ass either.  So I prefer to stay relatively close maybe a little more than arms reach so that if a problem does arise it can be dealt with and avoid a CESA.  Of course at a max depth of 25 ft you don’t really need to worry too much about that.  But better safe than sorry. 

Recreational diving is a pretty safe activity if you do it safely.  Just like any other sport there is risk involved, calculated risk.  That’s why, to me, training is key. 

I enjoyed today’s dive immensely.  I went down a pound on each side of my BC and it was great!  I wasn’t fighting to stay off the bottom but I could still get to the bottom if I wanted to.  I have found a happy medium for the time being.  I am sure it will change as I get more experience but for now I was happy with 18lbs. 

My buddy, on the other hand, didn’t have enough weight today.  Apparently she packed 3’s instead of 4’s and was a few pounds short.  So she had trouble getting down and then at the end she had trouble staying down.  But she seemed to do well through the middle of the dive. 

Once I got out of the water I felt good.  I got my gear off and got back to the shop and got it all washed pretty efficiently.  Once that was done, however, I sat down and my sinuses hurt.  And I had like a reverse block in my ear.  I get the snap crackle pop when I swallow sometimes and I feel like I can’t hear very well.  So I went and got some stuff for swimmers ear and tried that.  I didn’t have an immediate result with that.  I just got done washing my sinuses with one of those neti pots.  I’m not sure if that will help or not.  But for the most part it feels better now.  Not sure what that’s all about.  I didn’t have a problem clearing my ears when I was down it was once I came back up.  That’s strange. 

Tomorow I’m cleaning a friend’s apartment in the morning and then I am going to try to get one tank in at 3 tables late morning early afternoon.  So we will see if the conditions allow for that.  It’s supposed to be 1-3 feet waves tomorow which is completely doable for entry but I don’t know what the water will be like.  Hopefully the visibility will be ok because we had a ton of rain last week.  The lady I’m diving with tomorow I met out at sharks cove a few weeks ago.  She joined Ray and a few others and I on a dive.  She seems really nice and she said she knows the site well.  I thought a beach entry would be more doable in 1-3 ft waves than the rocky entry of shark’s cove.  That and I haven’t done 3 tables yet for diving.  I’ve done it for snorkeling but not diving.  So that should be cool. 

This saturday I have rescue diver class that I’m looking forward too.  Well, mostly.  I’ve decided that after this class I’m going to take some time off and dive for fun.  I’ve had enough of studying for every dive I go on.  It felt really good to be out there today and not have to do a knowledge review or perform a task.


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