The Mahi and LCU

Yesterday was a great day!  We took our second day of Advanced Open Water and completed our deep dive and another elective.  Our day started early at 715 at the shop.  I don’t like to get up early but I will if I’m going diving.  We completed our knowledge reviews and were on our way down to the Waianae Boat Harbor by 8am. 

With us yesterday were 4 others and the instructor, Tyler.  I found Tyler to be super cool and extremely knowledgeable.  He gave us lots of info on the sites and said he would try to get us to 2 new sites on the west side. 

Our first dive was the Mahi shipwreck.  It’s not a real shipwreck, in fact, there is only one real wreck on island that you can dive.  The ship is 185ft long and 33ft wide.  It’s decks are in about 70ft of water with the bottom at around 85 ft.  We did a couple of skills and swam around.  The first thing we had to do was a math problem on the surface and at depth.  At depth I felt that I was trying to do this while moving all over.  Then we looked at color at depth and saw that we were losing reds as we went deeper.  We saw a whole pod of eagle rays.  The adults were HUGE!  I would say 4-5ft wing span.  They are very majestic under the water.  We also saw a giant barracuda about 5ft long.  The ship wreck itself was a really cool experience.  It was new for both of us.  Diving deeper gives you less bottom time so our bottom time was only about 20 minutes on this dive.  But it was an amazing 20 minutes. 

Tyler and I

Once we surfaced we had a one hour surface interval because we were doing another deep dive.  So we snacked and “talked story”.  It rained at the surface so we stayed wet too.  Actually it felt good to get back in the water afterward. 

Our next site was LCU which stands for Landing Craft Unit.  It looks just like what you see in “Saving Private Ryan” as the troops land on shore.  For this dive John was doing his photography elective so all the pics you see are from the second dive.  LCU is 100ft long and has lots of reef fish and more.  I really enjoyed this dive too.  My task was to identify 5 types of fish which was way too easy. There were a ton of fish as well as a crown of thorns and a cushion sea star.  Some of our fellow divers also woke the resident “Honu” or Hawaiian green sea turtle.  It’s a juvenile turtle and these are also majestic under water.  I have seen many so I don’t get ecstatic any more but they are always a pleasure to watch.  Our bottom time on this dive was about 20 minutes on this dive as well.  Awesome time. 


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  2. cravesadventure
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 11:44:59

    Love the blue of the ocean – thanks for sharing:)


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