First Night Dive

Once again I don’t have pictures.  We did our first night dive on Friday night.  It was and A to B dive from firehouse to sharks cove.  The group was 7 people and we all parked at Shark’s cove. 

We all geared up and waited for word from the dive leader that he was ready to get in the water.  We got in the water right at dusk.  At the beginning of this dive we had to walk to the start.  There is a small rocky beach behind the Pupukea firehouse where we entered. 

Once we dropped down we swam close to lots of rock ledges and large caves as we made our way to the right and toward sharks cove.  Night diving is totally different from day diving.  Obviously it’s dark and because of that lights are required.  We all had lights so it wasn’t a huge issue.  It takes some getting used to, being underwater and having your vis severely limited by darkness.  It’s hard to see what’s coming, and it’s hard to see where you’ve been. 

Luckily, Ray is an expert diver and we had worked out some signals before hand.  There was a moderate surge at depth and because of that John and I had trouble staying together.  We would be side by side and the next thing you know I was pushed to the team in front of me and he was with the team behind us or he was right under or over me.  I spent quite a bit of time looking for him.  John and I also both struggled with buoyancy on this dive.  I’m not sure if it was the surge or what it was but I felt like I was being bounced around off rocks and John said he felt the same way. 

We were able to see about 5 or 6 eels, a huge scorpion fish and I spotted a turtle that no one else saw.  I know Ray took some pictures of some neutabrands with his micro lens too.  But I was pretty busy trying stay off the reef. 

Once we were in Shark’s Cove I saw a light being rapidly jiggled behind me, this was our trouble signal.  I turned around to see the DM and one of our fellow divers behind me and the diver was on emergency air.  I swam immediately to the person in front of me and they alerted Ray.  It happened to be his daughter that was on emergency air.  Luckily we were already pretty close to the end of the dive. 

We made a bit of a bumpy landing into shark’s cove in part because of the emergency.  We surfaced in an area that we do not normally surface at.  It was also on of the first dives at this site this season and things have changed a little.  So we sort of bumped our way out of the water.  It was really hard to get our footing in the dark even after I had my fins off.  I was feeling like a bumbling idiot. 

Once on shore it was pouring rain and we had to slip and slide our way to the top of the hill.  When all was said and done I was a mess.  My gear was covered in mud, and I was cold and wet.  John and I ended up piling all of our gear in the trunk and just getting out of there. 

In our post dive talks we both agreed it was a rough dive.  But, we were both encouraged because the others, who were all DM and above, said we did pretty well.  One of the instructors said that she hoped we would try at least one more night dive before giving up on night diving all together.  I think we will. 

After we left the site it was time to get the kid and get home.  John wanted to leave our gear in the back of my car over night but I insisted that we take it out and wash it.  Thank goodness I did because my car smelled awful the next morning.  We had to take the heavy-duty mat out of the car to air out.  If that doesn’t work I’ll have to shampoo it.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cravesadventure
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 12:11:03

    I think doing a night dive would be so cool! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Scott Shenton
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 02:36:13

    Night dives are super cool. Dawn dives are even cooler. If you haven’t tried it, be sure to. You get to see the “change of the guards” on the reef, when a lot of the hard corals close up, many soft corals open up, and all sorts of things feed during that time. Besides, you’re ready for a HUGE breakfast when your done!!!!


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