China Walls, Spitting cave and something else

Today I was able to get out with my friend Michelle for the first time in a while.  We first went to Koko Kai Beach Park to check out the China Walls.  This was a cool fishing spot and a neat place to take some pictures and get close to the water.  The rock formations were really cool too.  The views of Diamond head and the Mauka ridges are amazing.  We were even able to pick out Wiliwilnui Ridge in the distance. 

We had to cut out for a break and instead of going back to the same spot we decided to check out another nearby beach park called Kokee Beach Park.  The walk down to this one was easier because it was dirt and it was shorter.  But this one comes out onto wet rocks and though the waves were just lapping ashore it was slippery.  We did manage to see a really big slug and a bunch of little hermit crabs in the tide pools though.  We decided it was a bit to slippery for us and turned back to see if we could find the real spitting cave. 

Last but not least we checked out the Spitting Caves.  The walk down was the easiest of the day because the rocks made like little steps to walk on etc.  There were several people here but all were just taking in the views.  The view sure is worth a million bucks, probably several judging by the houses.  We wandered a bit to the right and contemplated going further.  I watched a couple of nuts free diving and spear fishing near the rocks.  Both this and the China Wall had waves breaking near the rocks and they were breaking with some force.  I wouldn’t get in the water unless I was with a trained professional.  They were probably lifelong residents familiar with the currents etc.  I really wouldn’t recommend it. 

After I watched the fishermen with my bino’s for a while we went to the left where we could see a makeshift railing and we thought the cave was probably over there.  We were right.  We stood near it and watched several sets of waves roll in.  The spitting caves is much higher off the water than China Walls.  We really weren’t at risk of being swept out by a rogue wave.  Whereas at China Walls it was a real possibility.  I would say the Spitting Caves rocks were at least 15ft above where the waves were crashing. 

This is an amazing place to sit and watch the waves and just be still.  I really want to go back in the summer season when the south shore gets more surf.  It would be really spectacular to see the waves crashing on the rocks then.  And we might get wet too. 

After a nice little walk Michelle and I were both in the mood for some food.  So we headed to teddy’s big burger for lunch.  It was sinful as heck.  They make great burgers.  I definitely need that night dive now.  So I gotta bounce and get ready. 

Shoots!  More Pics Here


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 17:27:36

    It was nice hiking with you again! Btw those pics turned out really good and I love how the last one turned out of you not looking at the camera! 🙂


  2. punynari
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 18:17:56

    Glad you had a wonderful time. China Walls/Spitting Cave is one of my favorite places in Hawaii so far. (:


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