Sharks Cove a rare thing for March 1

I so need a camera!  Today’s dive was so cool. 

I picked up Jeanie after I dropped off the boys and we headed up to Deep Ecology to meet up with her dive buddy Ray.  When we got to the shop we found that he had one certified tourist, his daughter and 2 discover scuba people with him. 

Today was a rare day for diving in Hawaii in March.  The surf was flat which is bad for surfers but great for us.  So we were able to dive Shark’s cove today which has several advantages for me.  One, it’s close to home for me.  Two it’s close to the dive shop.  Three it’s an amazing place. 

I have snorkeled shark’s cove many times.  Today I got to see a whole new side of shark’s cove.  Getting down that hill with a heavy tank on is no picnic.  I was sweating profusely before we reached the water.  So the water felt amazing!  Getting in is different at this site than other’s I have gone to before because there are a lot of rocks and it’s shallow.  But once you get through the channel it opens up big time. 

Ray got his students in the water and they did their skills.  The guy was good he did all his skills.  The girl was nervous, very nervous.  She got her skills done and we started out into sharks cove.  We soon found that the girl was so nervous she needed Jeanie to hold her hand.  So I was just hanging with everyone else and I was cool with that. 

We soon saw the first cave.  How cool!  it was a rock formation that was like a sea arch.  There was a large hole to swim through and you could see right through it to the other side.  Jeanie told the girl to stay behind and took myself, the certified diver, and ray’s daughter in the cave.  It was pretty neat. 

Unfortunately the girl who was holding Jeanie’s hand didn’t like this and she surfaced.  So after we came out and she went back to doing that.  We were able to enter another cave from the top and it was smaller. 

At that point the others in the group were at half air and we turned around.  We wanted to make it to a shell bone yard where the currents leave all of the dead shells but we didn’t make it.  But we still had a nice dive. 

We had lunch at shark’s cove grill and then had our second dive.  The second site was called “the cathedrals” and it was just as amazing as the first.  We saw two large scorpion fish that were the size of footballs.  I never would have seen them if Ray hadn’t pointed them out.  There were some large rock arches that we swam through and all kinds of crevices to explore.  That too was a really good dive. 

The first dive was 61 minutes and maxed out at 38 feet.  The second dive was 57 minutes and maxed out at 47 feet.  Overall an amazing day! 

Tomorow…our first night dive!


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  1. cravesadventure
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 07:13:20

    We checked out Shark’s Cove on our recent trip. A little disappointed we did not pack the snorkel gear:( Thanks for sharing and Have a Great Weekend!


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