Cape Cod Massechusetts

When I was in my pre-teen and early teen years my parents knew another family that owned a house on Cape Cod.  Cape Cod is peninsula just outside Boston and close to Providence, RI too.   The house was in a town called Brewster and was on a residential street.  We weren’t close to the beach but it didn’t matter. 

My brother and I would spend our days on our bikes riding all over the place.  The thing I remember most is the elaborate paved bike trail system that covers the whole area.  I have never seen anything that comes close.  Brian and I would ride to the general store and buy penny candy or ice cream and then ride back.  We played outdoors with other kids in the neighborhood sometimes into darkness. 

I remember the cape as a relaxing place.  There are people who live there year-round but the population of the small peninsula easily doubles in the summer months.  There are several golf courses to choose from and a small town atmosphere.  It’s a great place for a weekend or a week. 

The water is cold even in the summer.  There is a bay and the Atlantic Ocean both salt water.    The beaches are rocky and the water refreshing.  I can remember spending hours looking for shells on the beach.  We would come home with buckets of shells that we found. 

Cape Cod has charm to spare with its small towns and historical buildings.  Many houses were built in the 1800’s and are beautifully preserved.  If you haven’t seen New England this is just the place to start.


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