Northern New York- My version

As I read more and more blogs and see people’s reviews about the places they have been I think about branching out.  So here is my lame attempt. 

Before we lived in Hawaii we lived in Northern New York for almost 10 years.  Brrr.  NNY has its charms though for sure.  It’s near the beautiful St. Lawrence River and the famous Thousand Islands.  The region isn’t the most bustling economy but the beauty of the nature there is unique and unmatched. 

In the summer time it’s green and lush with beauty everywhere you look.  The St. Lawrence river is a shipping channel that comes down from Hudson bay and, through a series of locks, continues to all the great lakes.  It’s vitally important to many cities along the way.  Seeing one of these locks is indeed a treat.  If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.  There are many festivals throughout the summer with a little something for everyone.  There’s a wine festival, a pirate festival, a model train fair, a historic wooden boat festival and even a renaissance festival. 

This is 12/1/07 according to my records

It’s also full of unspoiled nature at it’s finest.  It’s a great region for hunting and fishing for all types of animals.  Many of the locals make this a pass time year round from ice fishing and deer or bear hunting in the colder months to duck hunting and bass fishing in the summer months. 

The winters, though harsh, can provide endless outdoor recreation from snow shoeing, to skiing to snowmobiling.  Many many people visit the nearby tug hill region each year to enjoy the snowmobile trail system. 

In the summer campers come in droves to enjoy the outdoors.  It’s a day’s drive from New York City making it accessible from all portions of New York and other New England states. 

Fort Drum is a major source of jobs for the local economy and a great sense of pride as well.  The soldiers of the 10th mountain division are a proud bunch and they train year round.  A little known fact is that the 10th mountain is the highest deployed division in the army.  While we lived there my husband deployed 3 times in support of the 2nd brigade combat team to Iraq.  The soldiers of the 10th are the first to receive a call in a time of crisis and they are always at the ready.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. happyhippierose
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 23:52:02

    i can’t tell you how happy this post makes me!

    we’re moving from kailua to WNY very soon. and well, for obvious reasons, i’ve been a little bummed to leave. so i’ve been pumping myself up by focusing on the good things the region has to offer.

    while no place will EVER be hawaii – it’s awesome to read about the outdoor life i have to look forward to.



  2. happyhippierose
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 00:19:11

    WNY, Buffalo. But I have a feeling we’ll explore NNY too! My husband went to school in Potsdam; we have friends in Albany, even more friends at Ft. Drum.


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