Army Beach

Before I even arrived at the beach today I decided to stop on a road that I drive daily to take my kids to school and take a picture of Mt.  Ka’ala, the tallest peak in the Waianae range.  It was shrouded in clouds and, though I’ve seen it dozens of times, I’ve never stopped and taken a pictures.  Not only is Mt.  Ka’ala a high peak, it also has a very large base.  The slope leading up to the peak remains untouched because it can’t be developed for housing or agriculture. 

Tucked away behind some brush across from an airfield lies one of the most serene places on the island.  While the mighty surf rages on the horizon this shore is protected by reef.  There are no tourists, only locals relaxing and enjoying life in the most beautiful places I have encountered in my lifetime. 

When I enter the water I feel my worries wash away.  I feel an inner peace and a sense that a force larger than myself is in control.  I love to come here and float in the water while I watch the surf off shore. 

No one is keeping this place secret.  It remains unspoiled because of its location.  And that’s just the way those that come here like it.  Maybe there aren’t any conveniences like food or even bathrooms but no one seems to miss them.  I come here to meditate, read a book, get away from the hustle and bustle. Where surf meets sand is rocky with few breaks in the reef. They do exist, small breaks in the rocky shoreline where I can get in the water without worrying about sharp reef or slippery rock.

They call this Army Beach because it used to be a training ground back in the WWII era.  There are still a few concrete pads remaining.  Today I saw the MP’s walking up and down the beach.  Though I knew this history I didn’t know that the army still patrolled the land.  I have been here several times and today was the first I have seen the MP’s. 

Perhaps one of the reasons I like this spot is that it’s close to my kid’s school.  It only takes me about 5 minutes to get there from here.  I find the ocean extremely therapeutic.  I haven’t read the research, but I know I’m not alone.  The movement of the waves is soothing, and the warmth of the water is wonderful.  It’s no wonder the ocean is known to have healing properties, human beings are 80% water; we’re made of saline, the same stuff in the ocean.  A person is more buoyant in salt water and thus the effort to stay afloat is minimal.  The particulars really don’t matter.  I recommend it highly for anyone with joint or muscle pain.  Your pain will be washed away.  If for no other reason than the healing it has given me over the last several months I cannot deny the therapeutic value of the ocean. 

If you do visit this spot, please be respectful.  There are trash cans, please use them.  Pack out at least what you pack in so that the beaches and ocean can be enjoyed by all. 



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  1. emily
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 02:46:00

    it’s so lovely.. i envy your mediation trips there! looks perfect!


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