Scuba Day 2

Yesterday was great!  When we arrived at the shop we were told that we would be diving at Magic Island.  So we all loaded up and headed out.  When we arrived at Ala Moana Beach Park we realized that we would have to lug our gear about 1/4 mile to shore.  That sucked!  My knees were “feeling the burn” the whole way and it was hot as hell in a wet suit but we made it. 

Everyone is getting better at getting geared up and heading out to the water so the process is quicker each time.  I was able to pick up my own we suit on Friday night for pretty inexpensive as well as fins and booties for both myself and John.  So we were trying out our new equipment. 

Once we got in the water everything is weightless so it was a relief to get in the water and to cool off as well.  After everyone was in the water we all got our masks and fins on and got buoyant.  Getting buoyant is easy, just inflate your vest.  Then we swam out beyond the rocks and out of the lagoon to where we would dive. 

The passage out to sea is full of huge rocks and therefore its a little tricky to get through.  The first time we went through it was pretty smooth but we had some harrowing experiences later in the day. 

The first dive was really about getting into the sea water and getting used to being under water with a current etc.  In the beginning I was getting cramps in my feet but as the day went on I learned to prevent it somehow.  I don’t really know what I was doing wrong or what I did to correct it but I didn’t have any more after we swam out the first time.  We swam around to get used to maneuvering under water and keeping ourselves neutrally buoyant.  Staying neutrally buoyant is important because you want to float over top of things no sink completely down to the bottom where you would run into the reef and possibly the sea life as well.  By the end of the day I was learning how to stay neutral using just my breath.  If you take a deep breath you will start to float and if you exhale completely you will sink.  This is important during ascent and descent as well.  When you are descending you want to be sure to exhale all the way and to neutralize the pressure in your sinuses in order to reach the bottom.  When you are ascending you want to be sure to exhale completely because as you rise the air in your lungs expands and if you hold your breath it could cause serious injury.  But all went well on the first dive and we survived just fine and we had a great time under the water even though we saw very little in the way of sea life.  The site we used was very good for training as it has a sandy bottom that is ok to kneel on for completing skills but it wasn’t so great for seeing fishies.  The tide went out on us while we were out so the passage on the way back was treacherous because the rocks were closer to the surface.  There was also a strong current pulling me back out so I needed some help getting through because I wasn’t able to grab any of the rocks and resist it.  But I was able to grab my classmate’s mask that she lost. 

After taking a long break and eating lunch we headed back into the water to do some of our skills.  The trip out of the channel wasn’t so bad at the way in the first time but it was hard to see as the waves created bubbles when they break on your head.  But I felt my way through without much problem.  We all finished them without any issues at all.  We swam around a bit and then surfaced.  The visibility wasn’t great and there wasn’t anything to see so we headed back in.  Again on the way in the current was surging.  This time, though, I was able to grab the rocks.  The first time I was hesitant in part because I didn’t want to harm any organisms.  The second time though I realized there weren’t any really except algae. 

Overall yesterday was a great day.  We really enjoyed ourselves and are excited about doing some diving on our own.  We are getting along with our classmates and even going to get one lady’s number so her and her boyfriend can pair up with us and go out.  The others don’t live on island so I guess we can’t hang out with them. 

Well it’s off for day 3.  I am excited but hoping for a different site today with a bit easier entry and exit.  I’m hoping for electric beach.  As much as we are enjoying ourselves we are tired after 3 days in a row.  John bought a new mask yesterday and we ordered him a wet suit so he’s got his new mask to try out today.  Ok gotta go or we’ll be late. 



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