SCUBA Certification

Well, Day 3.  After three days of SCUBA diving each day I’m whooped!  I’ll sleep like a rock tonight.  Today there were a few differences from yesterday starting with the dive site.  Today we went to Electric Beach which is down on the west side and, in my opinion, is an easier entry and exit.  The walk to the beach is shorter than Magic Island and there are no channels to pass through.  The instructor also offered to let me use a smaller tank that holds the same amount of air but it’s shorter and lighter. 

Today the vis(visibility) wasn’t great but we’ll blame that on the Kona winds stirring things up.  The waves, according to our instructor were about 2-4ft and it was definitely trickier getting in with SCUBA gear on your back vs when we have snorkel gear.  There were quite a few people out there today though.  We went out and completed some skills right off the bat.  We did a mask flood under water, a neutral buoyancy test and a CESA (controlled emergency assent).  There was a definite current but it didn’t bother us too much. 

On our second dive of the day we were able to see a little bit more.  We only had one skill to perform, an underwater mask removal.  After we passed our mask removal we were able to swim around and see more than we did the first time.  We saw a turtle, a couple eels and a lizard fish. 

After we all exited the water and were taking off our gear our instructor noticed someone out by the exhaust pipes.  He watched him carefully for a while and then he was able to get a pair of binoculars and see better that the man was in fact signalling for help.  Shortly after he determined that the man needed help the man whose binoculars stirred up trouble.  He expressed a few minutes before that he planned to go in the water and he was “not gonna wait all day brah”.  After that I told Mark and then went back and told the man that someone in the water needed help and that Mark was watching him to make sure he was still above water.  I asked the man if he would leave his car unlocked and I would put the binoculars in after we were able to make sure the man made it safe to shore.  He cursed at me and spouted pigdin and I walked away.  A few minutes later he came up behind Mark and said “I don’t mean to be rude but I like have my binoculars back”.  Mark responded “I’ll make you are deal, if I take my eye off this guy he may go under and if you’re cool with this guy dying then I’ll give you your binoculars back”.  The guy actually said “I’m cool with that”.  I was pretty floored that the guy couldn’t wait around a few more minutes so that we could make sure they guy was ok.   A couple of the other divers swam out to see if they could help the guy while the lifeguard tower down the beach was contacted and the fire department was responding.  The lifeguard was able to get out there with a board from the FD and the guy was brought up to safety.  The guy was in his 60’s or so and he was ok, just exhausted from getting caught up in the current near the exhaust.  The real kicker is that the guy was with 2 other people and either by the time they made it to shore we had noticed the guy and the FD was there or they never even bothered to look for their buddy.  Either way it was a good outcome though. 

The class this weekend was with a company called deep ecology in Haleiwa and we were extremely happy with the instruction we received.   It may not have been the cheapest class on the island but we were able to choose the 3 dates for the class and they got others signed up and ran it the 3 days of our choosing.  The instructors were patient and professional and all the staff at the shop were friendly and knowledgable.  We were also impressed by the equipment that they gave us to use.  It was all generic but in good working order.  No one experienced any problems.  I am sure that John would agree with my assessment and we will be recommending them to others. 

After class was finished we took some pictures and then John was able to scoop up a BCD (buoyancy control device) on sale for himself.  It was last years model and was the last one and happened to be in John’s size. 

We are both excited about all the things we may be able to explore more areas and getting back out soon!  One of our fellow students and us plan to go out as couples soon.


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