The last few days have been nuts!  On Weds John went in to get his medical waiver signed and the PA refused to sign it.  So I was very upset because he waited until the last-minute.  Thursday he ran around like a chicken with its head cut off and got it signed by his shrink. 

Yesterday was an early morning.  We got up and off to SCUBA by 700.  We dropped the kids off and then headed over to the shop.  Once we got there we met our classmates and instructors and did a few little things with paperwork.  Then we loaded up and went down to Camp Erdman to use the pool for our confined water dives.  The pool at Camp Erdman was down by 3ft due to some cracks in the bottom.  So one of the instructors went down and patched it.  The water was pretty cold so we all wore double wetsuits.  It’s really fun trying to put on a wetsuit over a wetsuit.  Once we were all geared up we all got in the water and spent the next 3-4 hours doing our confined water skills. 

Once the confined water skills were completed we headed back to the shop for some classroom stuff.  We took a lunch break and then got to work.  It took longer than inspected and when all was said and done it was after 5pm.  I rushed off to get the kids while John finished up and got a flat tire, fun.  Once that was taken care of we made our way home.

During our time in the pool we both realized there are a few things that we needed to invest in right away.  I bought booties for both John and myself at thePX since the ones they gave him had a broken zipper and the ones they gave me were 2 sizes too big.  The NEX is having a SCUBA tent sale and we checked that out on Thursday.  At the time I didn’t have any idea what things cost so I couldn’t compare prices.  After going to class and walking around the shop I realized one of the wetsuits they had on sale in my size was a really good deal.  I ran over last night and picked that up and I also was able to find Fins for myself.  I think the next thing we will be investing in for John will be the wet suit and fins as well.  I’m pretty sure when we do buy the rest of the equipment we will buy it from the shop where we are doing our class because we will be going there to have the equipment serviced and we want stuff they are familiar with.

We are all up and ready to get going so I better get to it.  The kids are going to the neighbors and John and I are looking forward to getting in the ocean today.  I believe we will be headed down to Magic Island today.  We will be exhausted by the time we finish class but we are both enjoying ourselves so it’s worth it.


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  1. jenkakio
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 13:09:40

    Wow, that was an exciting day! I can’t wait to hear more about it! Good job on your first day at Scuba class. If I hear of any sales, I’ll let you know–but nothing can beat NEX. I went there once and I felt like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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