The Rainy Season

I write this post not for the people who live here but for those who don’t.  I am learning through trial and error that hiking on Oahu in the months of November through March is hit or miss.   Especially on the windward side.  A lot of the trails are muddy and slippery as all heck.  If you plan to hike during those months you want to be prepared for some mud and always remember if it gets too slippery you can always turn around.  Generally, when I hike, I tell people to let me know if it’s too slippery and we will turn back.  My rule is if one feels uncomfortable then we all turn around and no one complains.  Safety is #1 end of discussion. 

We attempted Kapa’ele’ele trail today and it was too wet.  The mud here in Hawaii is incredibly slippery stuff.  On the windward (east), and middle of the island they get way more rain than the other parts of the island.  We only made it 0.26mi and then it was too slick for Aidan and Mason. 

So, we headed to the beach instead where the boys played in the sand and the adults watched from out in the ocean.  We were really upset we had to go to the beach again.  NOT!


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