Hanauma Bay- Revisited

I took my parents to Hanauma Bay today.  There was a giant traffic Jam so we didn’t get down to the water until after 10am.  Today was an overcast day and breezy.  We got out in the water and saw plenty of fish.  So here are my Pro’s and Con’s


  • A lot of fish in one place
  • The fish are larger than in other snorkeling spots because of the reef being protected and people are not allowed to fish there. 
  • There is a sandy beach good for kids to play on while the parent’s go out. 
  • The facilities are clean and well-kept
  • Even from above its gorgeous scenery, but what isn’t around here?


  • There are a lot of people and at times you are running into each other.
  • Those people are mostly Japanese and a lot do not speak english.
  • Some don’t respect the fishes which makes me mad.  Some were harassing a Honu today.  grrr
  • The reef is so high that in places you can’t even swim over it and this blocks access to deeper water where one might see some larger and different fish. 

Today we lasted about an hour and I looked high and low for a channel out to deeper water but just as I found something I was too cold to continue.  With no sun on my back I got cold because it was so breezy and overcast.  I was happy that my parent’s got to see a Honu in the water because they are such graceful and fascinating creatures.  This guy wasn’t that big and he was munching on some veggies off the reef. 

It was a good day.  A good last day in Hawaii.  If you plan to visit Hanauma bay be aware that you will need to watch a 10 minute video before going down to the beach.  Access to the beach is limited to a certain number of visitors daily.  So I recomend going early because it can fill up fast, especially on weekends.  The hours are 6am to 6pm.  They also have night snorkeling once a month.  Respect the fish, don’t try to touch any of the creatures and don’t step on the reef.  It is a living thing. 




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  1. Michelle B.
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 21:58:49

    It was very cool and windy this morning on my side of the island today as well! I was worried if you were going to have any waves or not there since its in a cove. Glad to see you had a nice time!


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