Last night we saw “Creations” at the sheraton princess kaiulani hotel in waikiki.  I was about an hour long and was a great show with lots of spirited dance.  The plot was your typical luau plot and the dancers were quite talented.  It’s a small cast but they were very good. 

I especially enjoyed the “haka” numbers performed by the men and not just for obvious reasons.  Yes the men, and women for that matter, are scantily clad in any Hawaiian dance production.   The reason I enjoy the men’s dance more than the hula is the beat.  I love that they used their bodies as their instruments making various noises by slapping their arms legs or even chests.  The skill that is required to do this is mind-boggling. 

I always enjoy the costumes and the story that goes along.  I would recommend this to a friend.  We did the cocktail show which included one cocktail and the show.  You can buy a dinner package or an ali’i (king) dinner package.   I think the show, like most luaus, offers a glimpse of the rich Hawaiian culture and is a shining example of the dance and legends that are passed down through the generations. 

At the end of the show they had a fire dancer that twirled fire around on sticks and even touched it to his face and feet without it causing him any apparent pain.  These fire dancers are amazingly talented and I have no idea where they learn this trade or why they would want to do so. 

Definitely a good show.


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