Polynesian Cultural Center

Today we explored the Polynesian Cultural Center or PCC.  It opens every day but Sunday at noon and the displays go until 6pm.  Before today I hadn’t been there yet.  I heard mixed reviews.  I had those that told me there was nothing to do there accept the luau and then the ones that said we would enjoy it.  

So let me start out by saying that there are things to do even if you are not staying to eat.  Today’s tickets were deeply discounted because of a special that the PCC is giving the military right now. 

Each island has it’s own unique cultural differences and at the same time they are all very similar.  Today we got a chance to see some displays about how things were done before modernization and some traditions and rituals that are carried out even today.  It’s interesting to see a culture that can trace itself back thousands of years.  I’ve said it before.  We as americans are an infintile culture. 

We were able to catch a canoe show that highlights each culture and see a bunch of different styles of dance and movement.  It’s striking to see all of these preformers who seem to be thouroughly enjoying what they do.  They love to share their “aloha” with you.  They are proud people who persevere through anything you can throw at them and they are truly a hearty people.  They live off the land and cook the way they did thousands of years ago to this day.  Fathers teach sons and mothers teach daughters.  It really an amazing thing. 

So we wandered around and played some traditional games and took in all the displays and shows the kids would tollerate.  After about 3 hours they had it.  But it was an interesting experience and I think it was worth it.  I know a little more about the polynesian people and have a little bit more of an understanding of where some of their traditions come from. 

Since I have come to live in Hawaii I strive to understand and respect this culture and to let it teach me things.  It has many things to teach.  There is a deep rooted respect for others, a respect and tradition of caring for their elders.  Too often in American society the elder population is on their own or even cast aside in nursing care.  Sometimes it’s too hard for the families to see them in the condition and other times they are simply too busy.  But, as I have said before, the people of Hawaii have their priorities straight.  They pout themselves into everything they do, work, play and caring for others.  Here in Hawaii “kokua” and “malama” are alive and well and so is “aloha”.  I hope I can take even a small ammount of that with me.  It has effected me deeply and I believe these islands have much more to teach me. 

After we left the PCC we ate dinner of shrimp plates at Ted’s Bakery, which is one of our favorite spots to get a shrimp plate for several reasons.  The first being that they accept plasitic, and since neither my husband nor myself carries much cash this is important.  Another reason we like Ted’s is because there is seating and the food is cooked in a kitchen not a truck so there is running water and a bathroom if needed.  We also love the fact that the shrimp has no shells and that it comes in a butter, garlic an parmesan sauce that is amazing.  John and I both like to dump the leftover sauce on our rice.  Last but not least is the fact that they are more than just shrimp plates meaning we can go there as a family even if certain members of our family don’t want shrimp.  Ted’s is famous for their chocolate haupia (coconut) cream pie.  All the adults had a complimentary slice today and it is sinful. 

Finally we finished a wonderful day with a sunset stroll on “sunset beach”.  What could be better?  This is the hawaii I love!  Not the hustle and bustle of waikiki, not the crowded streets, not the beaches packed with people, not the snorkelers kicking me in the head.  The off the beaten path is always the best!

My mom and dad


The time is going too quickly despite my best efforts to make it last.  We are enjoying it but I still wish I could slow it down. 

The rest of the pics here—->


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  1. Lisa
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 08:03:40

    We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center on our family trip to Hawaii and had a great time. I can see that anyone expecting amusement park type entertainment would be disappointed but my kids (11 and 5 at the time) quite enjoyed walking to each “island”, taking part in the activities and chatting with the representatives of each island nation. And the lagoon parade was absolutely beautiful! We didn’t stay for the luau either as it would have made far too late a night driving back to Waikiki.


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