I was talked into going parasailing with my dad.  I did a little asking around and got a recommendation.  I was nervous, I’m not gonna lie, but it was a breeze.  You just get hooked up and off you go. 

We got one the boat, put on life jackets and the harness.  If you’ve rock climbed you have seen these.  It fits in the small of your back and under your thighs and when you lean into it it’s just like a swing. 

Once everyone was ready we headed out of the harbor.  We went out a ways and stopped.  The 2 man crew then put the sail out before hooking people up to it. 

Once they were ready we were up first.  They hooked a bar to the sail and off we went 2 by 2.  First they hooked up my dad and then myself.  I was really wishing for my broken camera at this point since it would have been cool to take it up with me. 

The first person to get clipped in was the heaviest, and this is done sitting on the deck of the boat.  The second person is then clipped in and off you go.  I was expecting some jerking and hair-raising moments but it couldn’t have been smoother.  It was like they were just reeling us out and we went higher and higher.  Once we were up it was just like a swing.  We just sat back and enjoyed the ride.   Again I wish my camera was working.  I pointed out various things on the coastline for my dad and we just enjoyed the ride. 

Once they started reeling us in they asked if we wanted to get wet.  Being the first was a disadvantage here.  We thought that meant we would land in the water which was on the safety pamphlet and didn’t sound like fun.  We would have to unhook ourselves and then swim away from the chute so as not to get caught.  I thought this was more trouble so we said no.  But we really enjoyed it anyway. 

Landing was almost as smooth as taking off.  We just landed on the deck as the guy guided the bar to the right place.  The crew did a wonderful job. 

So about the getting wet, it wasn’t what I thought it was.  The couples after us all got wet.  That meant the captain would let the canopy fall low enough that you would dangle your feet in the water or even half of your body.  It didn’t mean you would have a water landing.  So if I had known that I would have been down. 

Overall an amazing experience and one I would repeat in a NY minute.  I highly recommend it.


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