Electric Beach

Today the kids had school but the parents did not.  So we went out to play.  Decided to check out “electric beach”, which gets its name from…you guessed it, the power plant across the street.  It can be found on Farrington Hwy just past the Ko’olina exit on the left. 

There is plenty of parking and you will probably see a bunch of divers and snorkelers around.  We ran into a group of divers here today that were very nice and very helpful.  We plan to call on the one lady at a later time to get certified in SCUBA.  She took us over and showed us the places to snorkel and the places to stay away from (I’ll explain that later).  She was even kind enough to offer to have us follow them out to “the horseshoe” , but we opted to stay closer to shore today. 

One of the major reasons that this place is a good snorkel and dive spot is due to some large underwater pipes discharging warm water into the ocean.  The cool ocean water is used to cool the plant and then the warm, but still clean water is discharged out to sea.  There is an area offshore where you can see the water bubbling.  You don’t want to get into this area as you can be pushed out to sea rather quickly.  But the warm water makes for a flourishing reef. 

The water we snorkeled today was no more than 20 ft deep with reef that you could easily dive down and explore.  It was crystal clear water today.  Though we didn’t see anything large like turtle, a ray or a monk seal, we really enjoyed the water. 

Getting into the water is fairly easy as there is a small sandy area, right next to the concrete pool where water is sucked in, from which you can get in the water and make your way out to the reef.  In fact the reef is right there to greet you. 

Personally I enjoy the north shore snorkel spots because they are the most easily accessed from the park of the island that we live on and they are in lower theft areas.  But this is a good spot and I’m sure we will be visiting again.  The sand is soft and the people we met today seemed really friendly.  The one think that surprised me was the number of tourists stopping to just look around and take a few pictures.  I wouldn’t think a little park off the side of the road with no sandy beach in sight would be a place for a photo-op but you never know I guess.  


The rest of the pics HERE


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