Wa’ahila Trail (Mt. Olympus)

Set out this morning with a friend to check out Wa’ahila Ridge Trail, aka st. louis heights aka Mt Olympus.  The hike starts as a gentle climb and then quickly changes into an up and down journey.  After the first half mile we reached a “pay off” for all our up and down adventuring. 

This trail was windy this morning and when we started to climb it only got windier as we went.  There steep descents as well as steep ascents all in a short span.  This is not a kid friendly trail in my opinion.  It took the full length of my legs to climb up and down some parts.  I took my hat off eventually as opposed to losing it on the trail.   The terrain is mostly rock covered in red dirt but there are groves of evergreen tree to walk through as well. 

Because of my friend having to be back and the fact that we had only gone 0.8mi of what we expected to be a 2 miles journey one way.  We decided to save the summit for another day. 

As we sat and took in the view I looked at my map and realized that the end if the Wa’ahila trail meets with the Kolowalu trail that gives the same benefit of a summit in a shorter, yet steeper, distance.  We thought about going to that trailhead not so far away but opted for Lunch at Burger’s On the Edge instead. 

Overall it was a good time, but I was disappointed that we didn’t get to the summit.  One reason was because of an unexpected time limit and another was because it was tougher than we thought and therefore more time-consuming.  But now that I’m home I’m feeling pretty dragged out and tired anyway.  So it was good while it lasted. 

For those that are interested the other trail that shares the summit is the Kolowalu Trail.  The thing that kept us from doing it today instead is the fact that it’s a 1mile trail but gains 1100ft in elevation so it’s steep.  I attempted it once before.  So it is a shorter alternative but not necessarily an easier alternative. 

Another thing that was a bit disappointing was the fact that this was a town hike and therefore had town views.  Nothing against Waikiki, but there is only so many times I want to hike up a mountain to look at it.  But I can’t say that there isn’t an amazing view of something else at the top.  Although, judging from my previous adventure on the Kolowalu Trail I rather doubt there is. 

That being said the lush valley views were pretty amazing on this trip too.  Today’s overall ground covered was about 2 miles.


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