Biking in and around Haleiwa

Today’s Route

Wednesday is a short school day for the kids and I was feeling really guilty for having not accomplished anything Monday or Tuesday.  So I packed up my bike and after I dropped the kids I parked my car at a park about 0.2mi from the kid’s school and got on my bike. 

When I started it was early, 8am and it was raining.  There is a bike path that makes its way along Waialua Beach Rd down to the round about before Haleiwa Town.  It’s 2 lanes and paved nicely almost the entire way.  As I started off it looked like it may rain the whole day but I was determined to at least get a good work out in.  A few times I had to duck for cover because it was raining pretty hard.  I reached Haleiwa Town and found plenty of places to find cover there until the rain abated which was about 9am. 

As soon as the rain quit I was back on my way.  I rode down through the town itself and then turned left right before the above bridge toward the harbor.  There is a canal under the bridge and one side has Haleiwa Beach Park and on the other the Marina and Haleiwa Ali’i Beach.  As you may recall, the last time I stopped and read at the end of the rocks at Haleiwa Beach Park.  Today I decided to go out to the end of a longer sea wall at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach park.  So after riding through the marina and looking at the boats I did just that. 

Along the way down toward the end of the seawall I saw several turtles and I just sat quietly for a time listening to the sounds of the sea and watching the turtles dive and then come back up.  They really aren’t bothered by people at all.  They like to keep a safe distance but sometimes they come up and almost seem to tease you.  “come get me”.  

By this time the weather was clear and I decided to get the work out that I had come for.  So I rode back down to Waialua Beach Rd via Haleiwa Rd.  I then went down to where then end of the bike trail is and turned back.  On the way back I went by Aweoaweo beach park, which isn’t one of my favorites, only because of these large pipes that run right to the water.  Nothing seems to be coming out of them but they are just unsightly to me.  I pulled out my iPhone and looked to see what else there was to see.  I saw that there was another beach park, which happens to be Dole’s private beach park and also a cemetery.  The cemetery being on my map struck me as odd since I have not normally seen them on the map before. 

Exploring the cemetery was sad and enlightening.   I entered and immediately notices that most of the graves were from the 1920’s.  The latest date I could find was 1970. 

It’s hard not to notice that this place is seemingly forgotten.  According to the map it should be ocean front property but instead its overgrown with brush and you would never know the ocean was nearby at all.  Most of the headstones are in disrepair and they are almost all in Chinese or Japanese.  So from this I draw the conclusion that this is probably the place where many of the cane workers who immigrated to work the sugar mill in Waialua must be buried.  It seems sad and a waste but my understanding is that many of these people were single men who never married. 

After leaving the cemetery I returned to my car where I packed up and headed out in search of some lunch.  I headed to Malama market since I thought it would be cheaper than a restaurant.  I found a Kalua Pig Quesedialla that was pretty darned good.  It had vegies and some sort of sauce and cheese on it.  I’ve decided that knowing exactly what is in your food in Hawaii is not always to your advantage.  It tends to keep one from trying new things. 

So after a light lunch I finished off my day with a quick dip in the sea and some sitting on the rocks watching the surf roll in.  Next time I think I’ll leave my book at home because I never once opened it.  I was too busy watching the water. 

I’m starting to dread the day when we have to leave this place.  The sea is so amazing and relaxing.  I find it like therapy to just be still and enjoy your surroundings to.  I suppose this can be done anywhere but not with the kind of amazing scenery that people see here every day.  And sadly, many of them take it for granted.



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  1. thegrommom
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 23:14:39

    Fun to see my home from the vantage point of your bike ride. Thanks! It is a special place indeed. I try to be mindful of that always. 😉


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