I think almost every serious hiker has one of these or something very similar.  I happened upon mine for free and by accident.  My husband was cleaning out his things when we were ready to move here and found that he has 2 exactly alike.  The army didn’t want them back so I took a marker and wrote my name on it and claimed it as my own.   FREE is my favorite way to aquire things.  I mean who doesn’t like free!  I am fortunate that the one my husband has has some storeage so I am able to carry my wallet, a book, a towel  and my ID cards.  Though not all those things at once.    So here’s to free!  Tell me what works for you.  What do you use to stay hydrated on the trail?  How much weight do you carry? 


The other benefit of this pack, for me, is that it fastens around my waist as well as being a backpack.  So I guess I learned something from Firefighter one.  How to wear a backpack so that the weight rests on your hips and not your shoulders.  In fact, the shoulder straps sometimes don’t even touch my shoulders.  But it’s a huge help given my injury or disability as it now appears it will not go away.  But I’m greatful to be able to stay hydrated and keep the essentials with me none the less. 

The particular model that I aquired holds 3 liters of water.  That’s a lot and I don’t always fill it because who needs the extra weight for short hikes.  But it comes in handy on longer treks or when I have 2 children to share with. 

So tell me your thoughts I would love to hear them.


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