New Kicks!

Bought a new pair of shoes today.  I’ve been eyeing them for a while now.  And the whole concept makes sense to me.  Only thing I struggled with was price and the toe pockets.  But after hiking on saturday and realizing that me hiking sneaks were “done” I decided to invest. 

When I say invest I’m talking $80.  But for a girl who can always buy sneaks, and good ones too, on clearance because she has small feet that’s an investment.  But hopefully an investment in happier feet. 

What do you think of these 5 finger shoes?  Have you tried them?  Have a favorite model?  Does the science make sense to you? 

I’m really curious as to what podiatrists are saying about these.  It makes sense to me, we were born barefoot and a lot of foot issues are caused by our choices in footwear.  For women it’s bunions, corns and hammer toes from high heals.  For my husband it’s flat feet from too many years of running.  As the shoes become more high tech there has been a tendency for them to also become bulkier with “shock absorbers” or curved soles that are supposed to shape your ass, yeah right!  So I’m going minimalist and we’ll see how my feet like that!

And we shall soon find out since I am hiking in the morning!

Just updating on the shoes.  I have used them on about 3 hikes so far and I have worn them out and about several times to break them in.  But I have to say there is very little break-in time needed. 

I find there is a learning curve with them because I’m not used to the feeling of a shoe that doesn’t have a thick sole.  So I feel the little things more.  A rock, a root etc.  But after a couple of hikes I really like them.  They go in and out of water easily, are lightweight and make a great overall hiking shoe. 

I think the biggest drawback I can come up with is the fact that they are already stained with red dirt.  The color that I got wasn’t really a choice.  I chose the model at the NEX and they only carry one color.  Because of this my Vibram’s are Khaki and red.  The khaki is getting stained very quickly. 

All in all, I would love another pair of these! 


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