Poamoho Ridge

Total Distance: 7 miles by 4wd then 3.0mi on foot

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: muddy, and narrow in places, mostly grassy and some rocks too

Note: Access is by permit only through the DLNR


We set out early today for several reasons.  The middle of the day is the hottest for one.  Mostly though because we expected to be out there all day.  We were, sorta.  The 4wd road is in better condition than I expected, though still rough enough in places to require the clearance.  We never actually went into 4wd.  It’s about 7 miles in to the trailhead.



We have gotten at least a little rain every day this week and I had read that this trail can be muddy, so we were expecting some mud since nearly all the trails we hike that are near streams have some.  We had no idea what we were in for!

The trail starts off as a gentle down hill grade on grassy terrain that looks like it was recently cut with a “weed whacker”.  Soon enough though we started getting muddy.  As we began light sprinkles were falling and we had a couple of times when it was raining steadily even relatively heavy at one point.  So the day wasn’t the greatest.  But being that the permit is good for one day and one day only we pushed on. 

At first we were all trying to go around the mud and in some places we were able to.  But the grassy gently slope is short-lived and it’s soon replaces by boggy mud and narrow ridge.  Beautiful valley views but messy terrain.  So it’s not for those who are not wanting to get dirty. 

We crossed what I can only assume was Poamoho Stream as it’s referenced in my hiking guide a few times along the way but it’s really more of a rock bed with a trickle running down into the valley where you can see the stream itself. 

It seemed the farther we went the muddier it got and we all gave up at going around the mud and succumbed to stepping in it rather quickly.  We only encountered 2 hunters and their dogs on the trail, other than that we saw no one.  We did see a parked Jeep on the way in and it was gone when we left so there were a few other people back there but not many.  So I don’t think there is a heck of a lot of competition to get a permit. 


The trail is relatively flat with little elevation gained or lost overall.  It winds its way through dense vegetation and beautiful trees and is extremely narrow in places.  Not kid appropriate as there are places where one mis-step could sent one tumbling down a ravine to certain death.  It doesn’t offer the sweeping ocean views that a lot of the other hikes I have done do but it more than makes up for that in the dense vegetation and beautiful valley views. 










As you see reflected in some of my pictures the overcast conditions didn’t take anything away from the view and in some cases may have added to it.  We had looked at Na Ala Hele’s website for the distance of this trail, generally they measure everything one way, but we didn’t find that this time.  The distance to the signs for the end of the maintained trail were about 1.5 miles in.  We looked at the trail going forward but it looked narrow and as it was already raining we figured slippery and we decided to just turn back.

After that the walk back was uneventful.  I think the only thing  I would change if I could, is to stop and look as the scenery more.  Michelle and I were so busy trying to keep up with out husbands and looking down at our footing that we didn’t get to just sit and take it all in.  Then again, there really wasn’t any place to sit and take it all accept a couple of small benches.  And since the ground was pretty wet that’s wasn’t an option either. 

I don’t think I’ll be doing this one again any time soon.  But I did enjoy it.  We saw a lot of strawberry guava trees, a few wild strawberry bushes, so acai bushes and a bunch of other cool vegetation you don’t see every day.  And we didn’t run into any boar, which was fine by me.

More Pics Here


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