Haleiwa and Haleiwa Ali’i

After lunch with my husband I headed out to Haleiwa because it’s the next town over from where my kids go to school.  It’s a big tourist and surfing town and in the summer you often see lots of people walking the sidewalks from shop to shop.  I didn’t come for that though. 

Having been there many times I just pulled up before the bridge that leads you over the river to Surf ‘n’ Sea and walked out onto the rocks and sat at the end where it drops off steeply.  I dangled my feet in the water and read my book.  A sea turtle swam right under my feet at one point and for all I know a dozen more did when I wasn’t looking.  Then a different turtle, an older one, swam up and poked its head up very close to me.  I’ve swam with turtles but I’ve never had one pop it’s head up so close that I could hear it “sigh” when it did.  He, or she, let out a little “humph” as the come up.  Kinda neat.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet place to read my book today. 

Haleiwa Beach park is on the right hand side of the road as you enter from the northern end of Kam Hwy.  As you approach Haleiwa from town you come to first one stoplight then a second.  It’s after you make a left at the second light that you will see Haleiwa Beach Park.  There is a nice sandy beach and even a playground I think. 

Continuing over the bridge and past surf and sea if you bear right at the “76” gas station you will go by the Haleiwa Marina and then come to Haleiwa Ali’i beach.  It’s a sandy beach too with shallow reef area.  Haleiwa Ali’i beach is where “Baywatch” was filmed.  When you got there you will see a 2 story building that’s all boarded up on top.  That was the set of the station for the show and it just sits vacant. 

Both beaches are nice and I can’t say I prefer one over the other and they are both likely to be crowded on a weekend.  Surf competitions are held at these beaches in the winter months and they are also a tourist draw.  None the less they are pretty and on a weekday afternoon a nice quiet place to ready a book. 

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