Halona Cove and Halona Blowhole

Everyone that visits the island goes to the blowhole.  It’s a pretty cool thing to see.  For those who don’t know a blowhole is basically a hole in the rocks where the water comes up through when the surf hits the caves beneath just right.  Depending on the size of the wave and the force with which it hits it can produce, at halona, a mist or a large surge up through this hole.  Pretty cool to watch and if your patient you can get a some really cool pictures. 

I am itching to get closer to it, but I also have a healthy fear of it.  There was a case on a neighbor island where a tourist was sucked into a blowhole never to be seen again because he got too close.  So I’m all for keeping a respectful distance.  But there is some sort of pole or something down there and I couldn’t make out what it is.  So naturally I want to get a closer look. 

There’s something else hidden at the blowhole that few tourists know about too.  There is a stairway that leads to Halona Cove.  Most look at this cove, I’ve done it myself, and think about how inviting it looks.  Thanks to a source I found the way down there today. 



Today the surf was churning things up pretty good and I was alone so I didn’t dare get in.  But I will be going back for a swim at a later date.


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