Mokuleia Forest Reserve Access Road

Set out today to bike on the Mokuleia Forest reserve access road.  My self and the 2 ladies from yesterday started out around 10am.  We passed through a locked gate with our bikes and then another about 0.2 mi down.  Both gates were locked but the first one you could easily slip a bike in and the second had a little path going around it.  The strange thing is that there is a small parking lot behind the first gate so it must have been open to the public at some point, and not that long ago either judging by the painted lines.  What’s even more strange is that the sign at the begining of the trail just says that you can’t take a bycicle once the paved road ends.  So I’m not sure why they don’t just open the parking lot and then close the second gate, which was open today immediately past the parking area.  But it really didn’t matter because it’s not a populare spot.  We only encountered one other person on the trail. 

Almost immdiately after passing through the second locked gate the climb to the top begins.  According to what I’ve read this trail intersections with Kealia, Mokuleia, and Kuaokala trails.  We didn’t make it that far.  It’s 4.1 miles up for that.  Right away you can feel the burn, unless of course you’re a pro, on the gradual incline.  We made it a ways but then the grade picked up and we ended up pushing our bikes about 2 miles up.  We reached the corner of the second switchback and left the bikes.  Then we walked a little farther.  There were some nice views but the ones from Kealia are definately better because they are not obstructed the way today’s views were. 

Views of the north shore

After about the 2 mile mark the road is breaking down a bit.  There is more gravel and potholes to contend with.  It’s wasn’t a problem going up because we were pushing the bikes anyway.  The total elevation gain today was about 900ft and the total distance was a little over 5 miles.  Though you figure half of it was spent on our bikes going down a hill. 

Personally I’m a little bit of a chicken.  I walked my bike until I was back on the smoother pavement because I was afraid of skidding out on the gravel and the incline is pretty killer.  Once we reached the better road we rode the bikes the rest of the way down.  There are couple places where it drops pretty steep downhill. 

Overall I liked this trail especial since it’s paved and allowed my to change up my workout routine.  I have heard that you get better results in weight loss if you do so.  If I had it to do again though I’m not sure I would take the bike, or at least not past a certain point.  It was nice to just cruise down the hill afterward but I don’t know if it was worth the effort of pushing it. 

For this trail Sunscreen is a must since most of it is exposed and the backtop doesn’t help keep things cool. 

Thanks for the great hike ladies!


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