Last Chance for a while at Shark’s Cove

Yesterday I went snorkeling with 2 lovely ladies and saw lots of fishies as usual.  The surf was next to nothing yesterday so my friend and I decided the day before it might be our last chance to get out there til spring.  For those off island Shark’s Cove is on the North Shore which sees some really big waves in the winter and therefore the conditions are too dangerous to snorkel. 

What make my day yesterday was the 2 turtles that we followed around and the girls got some really great photos.  I think they had fun playing with my underwater camera too.   The 2 turtles that we saw were pretty small, maybe last year’s babies.  They were a 1/4-1/3 the size of the ones that turn up on “turtle beach”.  Now, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is endangered so touching them is illegal.  But turtles are docile creatures and seem to be pretty used to humans as a general rule.  It’s important to respect their space too though.  One of the most amazing experiences in Hawaii is swimming with the “honu” and, for me anyway, it never gets old. 

So we spent about 2 hours in the water and another hour having lunch and doing nothing of value.  After lunch we ventured out on the rocks at the north end of shark’s cove.  The rocks are very jagged and almost sharp like a knife in places because they are volcanic rock.  Walking on then can be tricky and painful depending on your footwear.  Of course none of us had the right footwear but we did it anyway.  After we got out on the rocks we saw a really cool plateau of rock where you can walk out and jump off into deep water.  When I saw people do this I thought “I wanna do that!”  but there wasn’t time.

Each time I go out snorkeling I get a little bit more brave.  I get closer to the sides, dive deeper and go further from shore.  It also helps to have friends close by that would miss you and that you can enjoy the scenery with. 

In my mind snorkeling is a little like meditation because you clear your mind of everything else and just watch the fish swim.  This is miraculous and I find it very relaxing and peaceful.  The only part I dislike is when there are tons of people in the cove, but that wasn’t the case yesterday.  In the summer it’s often crowded. 

Hope you enjoy the Honu!

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