Diamond Head- New Route

Today I hiked Diamond Head crater for the second time.  The first time I liked this hike alot and thought it was really cool.  But today, not so much.  I suppose that since I have discovered a lot of other places to hike that aren’t touristy and offer even better views. 

The hike is 1.4miles round trip and its a pretty good work out.  It starts out with a gradual incline on concrete and then changes to rock and becomes uneven.  The rock trail switches back up the mountain several times and reaches a lookout where you can see an old pulley used to pull supplies up and also get a nice view of the valley and crater below. 

After that the real fun begins.  Up a rather steep flight of stairs to a dark tunnel that is lit only by small lights like you see in a movie theater.  Once out of the tunnel you have 2 options.  Go right and up another staircase that is even more grueling than that first and very steep to the pillbox to look out, or go left up to the summit. 

Originally you used to have climb or crawl out of the pillbox to get to the summit.  I did this the first time around.  Now, they have built a trail to get to the summit on the other side.  It’s a metal walkway with deeper and less steep stairs.  If you keep going straight instead of going up to the summit there is a lookout with some benches. 

From the summit you see Waikiki below and the rim of the crater surrounding you.  You can also get a good view of Kokohead, which is intimidating because I hope to climb it in about 2 months.  But it’s taller than diamond head by a lot. 

The new trail will make it easier for people who are not in good shape to reach the summit by offering a couple of places to rest along the way.  I think it’s a good improvement.  But I still can’t rate it as one of my favorites.  Over all it’s a 3 start hike.


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