Wahiawa Botanical Garden

Distance: 0.7miles

Elevation gain: + or – 20 ft

Terrain: a good portion is handicap accessable andthere is some rock and gravel trail at the bottom.


First impressions were good at this place.  There’s a nice sign, plenty of parking and a friendly lady at the front desk.  Plus it’s free so what else could you ask for right?  The upper portion of the garden is nicely groomed with benches and is overall very relaxing.  There are some mature trees and a bunch of lower lying plants and ground cover. 

Almost as soon as I entered I took a ramp down a hill to the lower part of the garden.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see a large portion of the lower garden because of lack of maintenence.  It’s no secret that the county is broke.  So many areas were closed simply because a limb had fallen or a palm was shedding too much rendering them impassable.  The surface down in the gulch starts as a concrete sidewalk, then turns to a rocky and red dirt bottom.  It’s humid down there.  There are 3 or 4 places where a set of stairs has been built with a patform on top just for taking pictures.  I wandered around in there for the most of my time because I had to go up and down and around all the closed areas.  Also most of the plants down there don’t have signs telling you what they are. 

The upper area is well manacured and you can definately tell that this is where the money goes.  There are signs with every type of plant or tree, the grass is neatly cut, and there are benches to sit and relax on.  It is a tranquil place.  There are many different types of plants to see.  I think I learned a lot today about some of the trees I encounter when I do hikes.  The only disapointment was that very few plants had flowers to enjoy.  Most were just green ground cover or some sort of tree. 

This is a good activity for families because it’s free and they can learn a lot.  It’s also a good place for family pictures or a picnic. 

It’s a shame that this park has fallen into disrepair.  It could be a very nice garden.  The lower part really needs some attention.  But I’m sure they rely on volunteers to do that work and it’s hard to get volunteers. 

I took 250 pictures so here’s the Photobucket link



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