Mariner’s Ridge

Total Distance: 2.0 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 600 ft. 

Treachery: Very little

Terrain: Clay, volcanic rock, tree roots etc.

I believe I found my new favorite place in Hawaii.  The view from the top of this ridge is absolutely stunning. 

This trail is located in the back of a residential neighborhood by the same name.  It’s right off of Hawaii Kai Drive.  Parking is on the street and as always secure your valuables or take them with you.  These houses are million dollar homes but, the trail is pretty well known.  It should go without saying but, please respect the resident’s property and park out of the way. 

This trail is blatantly obvious.  There is a “private property no trespassing” sign there but it doesn’t stop anyone.  The first part of the trail is almost like a drainage ditch because it’s so well trodden.  The path today was dry for the most part but I understand it can be very muddy after a good rain.  Most of the way up it’s rather desert like with barren trees and a few pine groves along the way.  My friend spotted a place that had been burned out and the pine needles were all white.  The climb is not horribly strenuous but we did have to stop and catch our breath a few times.  There are some section where you have to take giant steps to get up the ridge but nothing really that an armature, like myself,  couldn’t conquer.  There was a small area where it was a bit muddy and slippery with mud over the roots.  This was easily avoided by walking on the pine needles on the sides. 

We took pictures going all the way up and the views just kept getting better.  From the top you can see the entire east and south sides of the island.  Quite amazing.  We could see Waikiki, Hawaii Kai, Haunama Bay, Koko Head, Diamond Head, Waimanalo, Kailua, MCBH, and even the cliffs at the end of Kaneohe Bay.  We also had a clear view of Olomana, which is on my bucket list.  I don’t know how to describe the beauty really.  I could have stayed up there all day long.  So I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.  This is one I will revisit without a doubt. 

I would say this hike is kid friendly with a little help from mom and dad at the places where you have to take some big steps.  I’m told that if you do this one early in the morning or on a hazy day you will actually be in the clouds.!cpZZ6QQtppZZ16


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