Valley of the Temples and Byodo In Temple

This one has been on my bucket list pretty much since I heard about it.  So today we checked it out.  I took a ton of pictures so I’m just going to link to photobucket so everyone can enjoy them all.  The emtrance free for the temple is $3 for adults and $1 for kids. 

The cemetary itself is divided into sections with different things in mind.  There’s a Roman Catholic section, a buhdist section, a patriotic section etc.  There are several  mosaleums on the property and the backdrop is stunning.  The whole thing is nestled at the foot of the Ko’olau Mountains.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many time I visit the windward side I’m still amazed at it’s beauty. 

The main attraction in this cemetary is the Byodo-In temple.  This is a replica of one in Japan and was built in 1968 as a tribute to the Japanese imigrants to hawaii.  It’s sometime totally different from what I’m used to.  When you walk over the bridge you feel a sense of peace wash over you.  When I read more about it it’s really a marvel.  The entire thing was built without the use of a single nail.  There is a Buhda inside the temple itself that is the believed to be the largest made in modern times and it’s 18ft High and is covered in gold laquer and gold leaf.  It really is larger than life.  There is also a massive bell that is said to weigh 3 tons.  The bell closely resembles the one at the original temple in Japan and is made of a mixture of brass and tin.  The bell is to be rung as you enter the temple to spread the teachings of Buhda.  It’s known for it’s tone and is said to inspire a deep calm and peace. 

The Valley of the Temples is truely an amazing place to visit.  It does seem odd that it’s a tourist attraction because it’s a cemetary but the temples are indeed worth the trip. 

If you do make the journey please be respectful of others who may be there to visit a departed loved one.  It’s not just a tourist attraction. 

Pics here—–>

Kaneohe on Dwellable

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