Ehukai Pillbox Trail

Total Distance: 1.2 miles

Elevation Gained: 341ft. 

Difficulty: somewhere between easy and intermediate. 

Terrain: Rocks, Pine needles

Hazzard:  Some steep spots but not too many. 

Check this out this morning.  I love finding the off the beaten path stuff.   The trail is just recently forged in the last couple of years.   It’s short and the payoff is big.  I would love to do this near sunset as the bloggers I got the trail from did.  That would be amazing!  

Doesn’t take long to reach the first pillbox.  Just about the time we had climbed the ridge and started to wonder if we had take a wrong turn we found it.  The first pillbox!  The views are amazing and this pillbox was differnt from others I have seen because it was round and had an opening on the side.  It also had a platform on top that was the perfect bench.  We lingered here a while and then decided to press on and see if we could find the second pillbox. 

The trail to the second pillbox goes back down the ridge a ways to the east.  The second pillbox is square rather than round and we didn’t explore around the side to look for an opening.  The views were just as magnificent as the first. 

There were 2 different trails that branch off the main trail and where they lead I don’t know.  But I wasn’t really looking for a long hike today so we didn’t try any of them.  If I had a map or some inkling of how long they may be or where they lead I may have tried them. 

The trail is marked by Red and White striped ribons so stick to those and you’ll be fine.  I will probably do this hike again.  It’s a short hike with a big payoff. 

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  1. thegrommom
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 12:30:20

    OK…I have never heard of this one! Maybe you could tell me exactly WHERE it starts…? Ehukai is very near us (we live Pupukea,) but I’m not sure where this hike could be.
    Looks great though–I’d love to find it!

    Stay in touch,


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