Malaekahana State Recreation Center

I stopped in to this park today as I was passing by.  It looks like a very nice beach and wasn’t crowded at all.  There are so many choices for beaches so I have not swam in this one yet. 

Across from the state park is Goat island. 

“The white sand beach of Malaekahana is found between Kalanai Point and Makahoa Point. This beautiful beach is backed by low dunes and is overgrown with ironwood trees. The front of this sandy beach is shallow, and its surf gentle. Malaekahana beach is well known for its Japanese fishing floats, or better known as glass balls. However, as any islander will tell you, the true beauty is in its offshore island called “Goat Island”. Goat Island is a treat for bird lovers all over the world. This twelve-acre limestone island is covered by ironwood trees, and is a state seabird paradise. The good news is that you don’t need a permit to wonder across the island, as long as you leave the seabirds alone and are careful not to step on their burrows.

Malaekahana is not know to be part of the North Shore beaches, but be warned that the same winter high surfs do exist, and because there is no lifeguard station on the beach, you need to take extra precautions when you decide to cross the narrow strait. Remember, there is always tomorrow. Also, because the ocean bottom is quite rocky, you may want to wear tabi, Japanese-style rubber shoes, or any pair of water shoes.”


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