Maakua Ridge/ Papali Loop

Actual Mileage: 2.5miles

Elevation Gain: 607ft

Time: 2hrs 42 minutes

Treachery:  Narrow and steep in places, overall low danger

This trail shares a trailhead with the Hau’ula loop.  Instead of taking the first or second trail to your right you continue on the paved road and you will see a rock “totum” and turn Left down this trail. 

Before we began the trail though we walked up the road just to see where it led.  It’s a road to some sort of board of water supply building and there are signs saying the area is closed.  Could actually be the trailhead to the now closed Sacred Falls hike or a couple others in that area that are closed.  But we did see some cool Grafiti along the way.

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So as we were starting the trail we ran into two older ladies who were just finishing up.  I asked them about the trail difficulty and they said it was no more strenuous than the Hau’ula Loop.  So we pressed on.  One of the first things you do is cross a dry stream bed.  Then the trail takes several switchbacks, though and under a grove of Hau trees, up to your first view of Hau’ula town below along with a good portion of the windward coast.  The trail continues to switchback up the side of the mountain until you reach a couple of benches and another clearing with another coastal view. 

At this bench the trail splits and starts the “loop” portion of the trail.  I can’t say for sure how far we went down this trail but we didn’t get to do the loop.  I guess that’s the hazards of dragging a 3  and 5 year old.  The trail isn’t muddy, unlike some of the others I’ve done recently, and it switches back a lot so there aren’t any super steep scrambles.  There are a lot of roots and the leaves on the ground can be a little slippery.  Occaisionally you’ll run into a boulder to go around or over.  The trail is also very narrow in some places and there are some steep drop offs.  Right before we had to turn around we were on a narrow ridge where the trail was barely visible.  I wasn’t sure at that point if we were off the trail or it was simply over grown a little.  The brush was more of a grass than anything else so it could have just been overgrowth.  Since I hadn’t seen a pink ribon in a while and my 3 year old was having a giant fit we turned back. 

So for me personally it wasn’t a great hike today.  But the trail is well maintained and would be very nice and peaceful without the 2 I had in tow today.  I would definately recomend it and I think it’s about equal in difficulty to it’s sister trail the Hau’ula loop. 

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