Pearl Harbor Bike path

This path is 11 miles round trip and starts at Aiea Bay State recreation area and ends by the HFD maintenence facility.  It’s a pretty flat ride and it’s all paved.  My whole family did this today.  I neglected to tell them how far it was until after….hehe.

This is a great one for families because it’s paved, so younger children who are not comfortable with mountain biking can participate.  My husband pulled the little guy in a trailer but my oldest, just 5, rode the entire 11 miles. 

The trail takes you along the harbor and behind the busy Kam Hwy.  The scenery has it ups and downs to be perfectly honest.  It’s definately well used.  We started out around 3pm and on the way back, around 430, there were a lot of people on the path. 

The trail takes you behind a power plant as well as many residential homes.  Along the latter portion of the trail is a green, drainage ditch, I think.  There are fish swiming in there but it looks disgusting.  This is one part of the trail where you see the poverty of Hawaii up close and personal.  Its sad to see.  We saw dozens of ferral cats, homeless shanty’s along the harbor, the back of houses that looked like they were barely hanging on, what looked like people living in shipping containers and plenty of trash.  So it might not be something you want to do alone at dusk.  It was sad really.  There is a stark contrast between the million dollar houses up in Aiea Heights and those down in pearl city.  I understand that some people work harder than others but I believe we all deserve the basics.  A bed to sleep on, food in our mouths and a place to shower and use a toilet.  But not everyone in this island has that.  Maybe it’s more pronounced here because of the temperate climate but I find it diffifcult to look at shopping carts filled with everything people own and tarps that they are sleeping under.  I feel rather powerless.  We had people holding cardboard signs saying they are vets and need help or work etc, but how do you know that if you do give them $10 they won’t go blow it on booze instead of food?  You don’t so I prefer to donate to food pantries etc whenever I can.  But this is my first experience with poverty, true homelessness, up close and personal.  But it has taught me to appreciate what I do have.

Also along the way you get a good view of the decomissioned Navy Vessels being readied for sale to other countries.  So that was cool.  The kids liked seeing the ships. 

It’s a realtively flat ride with almost no hazzards.  There are only about 3 places where you have to stop and cross a road.  Nice views.  There are gardens along the way, grown by the landowners I assume, Taro patches and eggplant is mostly what I saw.  But I’m sure there were other things too.  We saw people fishing along the water too.

I would add this to the family friendly list since it’s paved and flat.  But not safe for children alone. 


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