Volcano National Park and Hilo

We all got in the car and headed out to the rainforest zoo, which was small but free. We saw quite a few monkeys, frogs and even a syberian tiger. The kids enjoyed that.

After that we headed toward the volcano to try to see the lava tube. On the way toward the volcano we stopped at a glass blowing factory called 2400 farenheit. The art at this place was really cool. They had the run of the mill vases and abstract statues but they also had some really cool pieces that were representative of the volcano. We purchased a piece that is good for table top display that looks like a lava pool. It was about the only thing we could afford….lol.

We arrived at the Volcano National Park by noon and drove around the loop inside. When we came to the lava tube there was no parking so we kept going. We drove all the way down to the sea stopping along the way for photo ops etc. We were able to see lots of Lava fields from several decades. Lava when it’s cooled looks a lot like asphalt. There are a couple different kinds of Lava, one looks like what you would think, smooth and shiny. The other looks like pavement that has been broken up and it’s jagged. Along the road there were several craters. We stopped at the first and took a few pictures but after that they were pretty much all the same. The whole purpose of driving down toward the sea was to see the sea arch. It was pretty cool and we enjoyed the ride to see all the different lava fields. After that we drove by the Kilauea Military Camp to scope it out for our trip in November.


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  1. jenkakio
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 15:26:58

    I love that zoo! I do agree, it is a little small, but hey, it’s free! Were you able to see the lava flow in Pu’u? I’ve lived in Hawai’i all my life and I have yet to see a lava flow.


    • hikinginparadise
      Oct 07, 2011 @ 20:40:02

      Nah couldn’t get anywhere near the actual red stuff. I told my parents it isn’t worth traveling to BI to see Lava cause since the earthquake in Japan you can’t even see if from off shore. So the only way to see it now is by helecopter and that’s only if the conditions are right. Maybe someday yah?


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