Maui- Road to Hana 7-16-11

So forgive my tardiness but this blog didn’t even exist when we took this trip.  But it dawned on me that certain people may be reading this and may not be reading my personal blog.  So here it is.  Our cruise of  the island in July.  We’ll go in order.

Day 1 we docked in Kahalui and rented a car.  I wanted to drive the road to hana and John didn’t argue.  So we set off to drive this windy road.  It’s known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. 

After about 10 miles on the road we pulled off and hiked twin falls. It was a longer hike than expected but the kids did really well. They both walked the entire way. When we reached the falls it was a bit disappointing since we would have had to wade through knee deep water over slippery rocks to really get close. So we turned around. But it was a nice walk past neat plants and several kinds of fruit trees.

Then the fun began. The Hana Highway is a narrow stretch of road that goes 37 miles to the town of Hana. Along the way you see breathtaking scenery and drive through the many twists and turns. I had read that the road was narrow and winding and I thought “we have lots of roads like that in CT”. Nothing I have ever seen compares. You are on a road that is barely 2 lanes with many one lane bridges and it drops straight off to the ocean. Amazingly beautiful though. We saw several waterfalls along the way and just enjoyed the view.

Taro Fields


Only a few miles after we started our trek Aidan began complaining of feeling sick. We pulled off several times on a moment’s notice and he never actually got sick. So we continued on and kept trying to get him to relax. Meanwhile we were talking about going to the lava tube that is about mile marker 31.

At about mile 24 it happened. First Aidan got sick quickly followed by Mason. We immediately pulled over and cleaned up the entire back seat of the car with beach towels. Now, we were already having a bummer time since Aidan had been feeling sick for a while. So we decided to turn around and head back. As we headed back the boys got sick 2 more times. By the time we made it back we had used 4 beach towels to clean up and we were on our second set of clothes. At that point we were all frustrated so we ended up returning the car and spending the rest of the day on the boat. We enjoyed the day swimming laughing and just generally goofing off.


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