Big Island- Kailua Kona

There are many shallow reefs so the boat has to anchor out a ways and we have to use Tender’s, aka life boats, to get to the pier. The kids found that interesting and got to see some spinner dolphins on the way to shore.

Our first stop was the seahorse farm. When we arrived we found that Mason wasn’t able to touch the seahorses because of his age. So we ended up getting a refund for that one ticket. It was a guided tour since it’s a research facility. It was neat because they are actually raising the seahorses for pets and by doing so they are trying to save the ones in the sea from being harvested for pets. The only thing was that because it was a research facility they gave you a lot of information and it wasn’t like you could just look at them in the tanks. So that was a bummer for the kids and they got a little impatient. When you arrive they make you wash your hands up to your elbows so that you won’t carry any lotions or creams or anything into the facility. They have you walk over iodine mats on the way in so that you won’t bring anything in on your shoes either. They first showed us the babies and explained what they feed them. They we saw the breeders. It’s the only species in which the Male has a true pregnancy. The gestation is only a month and after 30 days the Male goes into labor and each litter can produce up to 60 fry or babies. Next we saw the general population I guess you would say. At this point the tour guide went on somewhat of a rant about over fishing and being sustainable that was more of the lecture than anything. But there were a few interesting facts. This is where the kids got restless since they were not allowed to touch. After that they walked us by a tank with some leafy sea dragons in it. These are also endangered and they are hoping to be able to bread them in captivity. Last, we got to hold a seahorse on our fingers. Aidan tried twice and John did too. Overall a decent adventure though I’m not sure I would pay that kind of money for it again knowing what I know now.

Everything in Kona is right there at the Pier. There is a whole seaside town and a couple little reef coves to swim and snorkel in. It’s very pretty and very much like a New England shore town accept for the Hawaiian flare. I had read about a store called del sol so I wanted to go in. I wound up getting each of the boys a necklace and all of us a shirt. It’s really cool. The emblems on the shirts change color when they are exposed the UV light and the necklaces turn from silver to gold. They are pirate necklaces and the kids say they are “gold deblumes” like on a show they like on Disney.

After that store though things went downhill and fast! The kids have been up later than usual every night and up at the same time each morning. I was perturbed because it was the first time there was shopping and things near shore and I didn’t get to poke around. I wanted to find some Christmas gifts in these shops. We tried to keep pushing but they were just too much. So we headed back to the boat, at lunch and all took a 2 hour nap.

Kona Reef on Dwellable



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