Manoa Falls

Total Distance: 2.09miles

Difficulty: easy

Hazzards: slippery, mud covered rocks are the biggest hazard

This trail is back in the Manoa valley and is very popular amoung tourists so it’s usually busy.  Today was no exception.  The falls boasts 150ft waterfall at the top.  Unfortunately today it was little more than a trickle.  The other thing that I didn’t care for was that you had to pay for parking or go park a half mile away.  So I paid my $5 and off I went. 

As I said there were many people on the trail and i was expecting a spectacular pay off, but today I just didn’t get it.  Perhaps because it’s been a rather dry summer.  All I did was hike to the top and back down again.  I hardly stopped to look beacuse most of the pool below the waterfall is obscured by rocks that fell durring a landslide and swimming is not allowed.  Honestly, other than the excersize, it wasn’t worth doing.  Perhaps another time when we have had more rain.  

The up side to this trail is that it’s popular, easy to find, well maintained and well traveled.  The downside is that it’s popular, easy to find and well traveled.  It doesn’t get high marks from me only because it’s touristy and to me being outdoors and having tourists around sorta ruins it.  I think there are better places to see a waterfall on Oahu. 

The trailhead can be found by using a GPS to find Paradise Park or the Lyon Arboretum.


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