Judd Memorial Trail and Jackass Ginger

Total Distance:  1.15miles

Difficulty: easy

Hazards: typical roots, mud and rocks.  No cliff sides to contend with.

This morning I set out to find this trail since so many people I know have said how nice it is.  I didn’t wear my bathing suit though because I wasn’t sure I would want to get in the water. 

Finding the trailhead from town is a bit of a challenge since there is not sign marking the trail on the roadside and the tell-tale brown and yellow signage about garbage is facing in the Kailua direction.  I drove past it once but found it after turning around.  The guide-book mentions a concrete bridge on this road but if you drive this road you will see there are many different concrete barriers that could be construed as bridges. 

The "concrete bridge" listed in the guide-book

Immediately behind where my car is, is the beginning of the trail and the sign, but they are obscured in coming from town by the concrete barriers that are put here to keep people from getting closer with their cars.  As soon as you step over these barriers to your left is a small falls that you can find simply by listening. 

There is a path off to the right that leads to a stream crossing.  After the crossing the Judd trail starts its loop.  If you follow the pink trail markers you will make a complete loop.  Following the red path will fast track to Jackass Ginger. 

The trail starts off in a bamboo forest and then leads to a tall Pine tree grove.  It’s a short trail the goal is really to reach the waterfall and swimming hole at the end.  Even so there were birds chirping and the sound of running water to listen to along the way. 

swimming holeThe main falls 6ft?

The swimming hole, while beautiful, is not as secluded as I would have expected.  It’s just down a short hill and there are houses backed right up to it.  But it is clear, clean water and there is a rock slide as well as a rope swing on the other side.  I will have to wear my bathing suite next time. 

I finished the loop in just over an hour.



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