Kukaniloko Birth Stones

I visited this sacred place this morning.  The site is very significant in Hawaiian history in that this was a place where chiefs or Ali’i were born, and lived as well as where key battles for control of the island of Oahu were fought.  Being born at this sight assured a child a high ranking status and maintained the royal lineage and gave the chiefs their god like status.  It’s located in the center of the island, in the town of Wahiawa, in the same town that we live in. 

You can read more about the history of this site at:


When visiting this historic place the utmost care and respect is required.  To the native hawaiian people this site has many significant meaning and is a place to reflect and pay respect to their ancestors.  This can been seen by the many Lei that can found lying on these stones.

This site is not listed on a lot of tour books and there is a reason for that.  And that is beacuse of is significance to the local people so it you go there, please be respectful.  The site can be located directly across from Whitmore Ave in Wahiawa and the parking appears to be a pineapple field with two metal posts and a chain running between them.  Most people probably drive by this site on thier way to Dole Plantation and never even realize it’s there.


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