Nakoa Trail

Actual Milage: 4.86 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: rainforest/lush vegitation

Time: 3hrs

Today I set out with a friend to hike on the windward side of the island, since that’s where all the good hiking is.  Not to say there isn’t good hiking in Honolulu but the view is gettinga bit stale.  There’s only so many mountains I want to climb to see the view of waikiki and the ocean beyond. 

So today we hiked th Nakoa Valley.  We followed trail into a lush rainforest and hiked along through all different terrain.  At times is was muddy but nearly as bad as I have seen.  The elevation gain of this hike is only 400ft so it’s pretty flat and that was a nice change of pace. 

The trail was about 80% shaded and I would call it family friendly since you can always turn back if the kids don’t want to talk too far.  It’s inside a state park and the trail is well traveled. 

Durring our 5 mile journey we crossed about 4 stream beds ranging from playing leapfrog with rocks to actually wading in knee deep waters.  At the end, or the beginning if you do it backwards there is a deep swimming hole with a rope swing out on and all. 

The last crossing we had to walk across what looked like an old damn.  But after reading the info on the brochure found that this place has a relatively interesting past.  The Kahana Valley was used circa 1943-1945 for US Army training and the old damn was acutally the remants of a bridge.  The area was used to teach survival skills, building bridges and combat simulation. 

It was a really great hike with unique views and definately worth a look if you have a few hours.  You can see many native plants along the way and hear the relaxing babbling brook sounds along a good portion of the trail.

Kaaawa on Dwellable



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