Kokololio Beach Park

Sorry folks left the camera in the car on this one.  This beach is fast becoming my favorite on the island.  It’s far enough from hustle and bustle that I have never seen it crowded and it has powder fine sand with a very long beach and shade from mature trees not too far from the water. 

Today this beach just cemented it’s place in my heart forever. 

Our other mission today was to do a little snorkeling.  When we finished our hike we ate and ended up just heading for this beach since it was familiar and I had read about good snorkeling on the north end of the beach.  Now, you have to walk along the beach 2/10 of a mile or so to get to the northern corner near the rocks or you have swim, neither of which is a dealbreaker.  There is indead some good snorkeling down at the far north end of the beach near where the rocks meet the ocean.  We saw many schools of fish and even a turtle. 

For those that don’t know it’s easy to spot reef off shore.  In Hawaii the sun hits the water in a way that you can see exactly what’s underneath.  A reef appears dark in color compared to a sandy bottom.  I could have stayed here for hours, days even.   This beach is a true Jem and I almost hate to reveal the secret. 

Also at the south end of the beach appears to be some reef area close to shore that I will have to check out next time.  The whole beach has reef eventually it all depends on how far out you want to swim.  There is plenty of swimming area and sand area for the family and the depth doesn’t drop too quickly.  It’s one of the most majestic places I have ever been truely. 

So chances are if you ever do come visit me you will be visiting this beach! 

*took some pics today 10/12/11

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