Old Pali/ Maunawiliwili

Total distance: 2.92mi

Hazards: very little, some mud but a good portion of the trail is paved.

This morning I started out looking for Likelike falls via Old Pali Road which was supposed to be a 7 mile round trip hike.  The hike starts off easy and goes down a paved road which. over time has erroded and has lot of plants along it.  At the 0.7 miles mark the pavement ends. 

I am finding the book I bought to be somewhate confusing but also the fact that I am carrying it on my back and don’t want to turn around and get it every 5 mins is a factor.  So, where the pavement ends there are 2 trails.  One goes sharply left and the other goes straight and to the right.  I opted for the straight trail thinking this was the most well traveled and therefore the most logical.  That put me on Maunawiliwili trail which, as it turns out, was the wrong choice.  I went another mile on the trail before I came to a junction that said “maunawiliwili trail 9.5 miles to Waimanalo.  At that point I knew I had gone the wrong way.  But I did see some very nice views along the way. 

The windward coast, the small island to the right is coconut island which is owned by UH and is a research facility

 Maunawiliwili trail is very long so I turned back.  On the way back I found the correct trail that I was supposed to take but didn’t really feel like hiking another 2+ miles.  I was alone and it would be better enjoyed with family/friends.  So at least now I know where it is and I can find it another day.


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