Aiea Loop- The full monty

Ok pardon me if this gets long.  I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head.  Let me see if I can get them all in here.  Starting from the top of the steep hill at Keaiwa Heiau state park there is a building with rest rooms and a pavilion.  Next to that building is a sign for the trail that says “start” and off to the right is a paquard about a plane that crashed there many years ago.  I was hoping to see some wreckage but there isn’t anything left, nor is their a marker for the impact point. 

Today the trail was slightly wet in some places and muddy in others.  I started at the “start” point and did the entire loop.  There are places where this trail gets very narrow and you will need to watch your step.  It rained lightly for the first mile or so and I think they must have gotten some rain overnight.  The first half of the trip was slow going as I had to watch my footing because of the mud and in places had to get muddy myself.   I came home with mud on my pants and shirt. 

Rock formation to climb over, slippery when wet

About the middle of the trail you come to an area where you can see H3 from the trail.  I don’t know about anyone else but I have driven H3 many times and wondered if there were any hiking trails up in those mountains.  Today I got my answer.

There are a few lookout points along the first half of the route but the big payoff is at the middle and second half when you get views of pearl harbor and the ocean.  The second half is a little easier and was less muddy.  But there were several downed trees to step over on this side.

The best part of the second part of the trail was the smells.  I don’t even know if Cedar grows in Hawaii but I smelled Cedar, and citrus fruit like papaya or mango.  I saw many people on the trail with Mp3 players in their ears and even one couple with music playing on some sort of speakers inside a backpack.  Me, I prefer to just enjoy the sounds of nature.  I was able to see some cool little birds but as soon as they hear someone coming they fly up high in a tree where you can’t get a picture. 

Overall this was a good hike and a good workout.  But if your doing it with children I would suggest starting at the “bottom”.  As you come up the hill into the park you will see a picnic area and a set of stairs on your right.  Park here as this is the bottom end of the trail. 

After today I have decided I need a hiking pole!


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